HAIKU FUNERAL was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseille, France on Halloween night of 2008. With the result of music that could be described as hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary, the sounds and texts reveal the minds of two talented and deeply disturbed young men.

HAIKU FUNERAL consists of Dimitar Dimitrov (electronics, vocals, spring drum) and William Kopecky (bass, vocals, spring drum, children’s harp).

From Bulgaria, Dimitar is a veteran of the black metal scene, having played in bands such as Glades of Gloom, Corpus Diavolis and Unhealthy Dreams. Dimitar has also recorded and performed dark electronica under the names DJ Dimitrov and Daemonicreation.

American bassist William is well-known in progressive rock and experimental circles for his work with Kopecky, Yeti Rain, Far Corner, Snarling Adjective Convention, and many others.


STØJ is an experimental project started by E.F.K. in 2007. Style of music can be roughly described as a mixture of industrial & musique concrète.

The basic concept behind STØJ is to use / abuse different kinds of media in order to create music & artwork. Music & artwork are strongly linked together by a common theme!

E.F.K. is founder of HIKIKOMORI RECORDS and he played bass and keyboards in short-lived bands: The Hoofs (post-punk), Karakter Nula (post-punk / noise / experimental) and Lovaholics (pop / rock). At the moment he is the man behind the laptop (keyboards, programming, effects) in ethno-industrial-metal band HEIMAT.

EFK is patiently working on new STØJ material.


Bio for Ben Miller:

Ben Miller’s intuitive approach to creating a multiphonic soundscapes features a deconstructed electric guitar modified with multiple pickups. First used in the Michigan art band GKW in 1982 and then with Chicago’s Dirty Old Man River in the mid-90‘s, Miller focuses on a texturous, cacophonic amalgamation that defies standard guitar playing. With the addition of electronics and analog tape, it is difficult to discern where any one sound originates or where it is heading.

"If new expressionists closed their eyes and painted what they saw then Ben Miller must be taping shut his ears and playing what he hears… blood thrashing through arteries, nerves popping, synapses burning,.. Formerly a part of the 'anti-rock band' Destroy All Monsters, Miller takes the 'anti' idea a step further." — Detroit Metro Times


Aside from solo and collaborative configurations with other like-minded artists (Roger Miller, Matt Weston, Elliott Sharp, Andrea Parkins, Franck Vigroux…), Ben is involved with an art-rock trio, Thirdborder www.myspace.com/thirdborder, and as a composer / conductor for NYC’s first full-on saxophone orchestra; The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra www.myspace.com/392215258, the latter of which consists of 12 saxophones ranging from bass to soprano and 2 percussionists.

Bio for Roger Miller:

Roger Miller moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Boston in 1978 and co-formed Mission of Burma (Matador Records) as guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter. He also played keyboards and other instruments during and after Burma, resulting in over 40 CDs under his band leadership. All these recordings pushed various envelopes, and generally received high praise (New York Times, Rolling Stone, Boston Globe, Option,). His music tends to vacillate between "rock" (guitar, small bands) and "modern" (prepared piano, chamber ensembles), at times combining both directions. He also engages in free-improvisation, most often with brother Benjamin.

Roger currently performs with Mission of Burma as well as keyboards in The Alloy Orchestra; an internationally acclaimed silent film accompanying ensemble. Many DVDs of silent era films have their scores on them. Both Burma and Alloy regularly tour nationally and internationally.

Miller has composed numerous soundtracks for cutting edge TV commercials and documentaries. In both 2008 and 2009, some of these films were shown at the Sundance Film Festival. He teaches sound design at Rhode Islands School of Design and teaches guitar lessons out of his home.


NOTE: Both Ben and Roger grew up as teenagers in the turbulent 60’s, attending very early concerts by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and the MC5 as well as attending University of Michigan’s Contemporary Directions Series (cutting edge 20th Century music and electronic tape). They both played in Sproton Layer as teenagers with brother Laurence. Sproton Layer’s album, "With Magnetic Fields Disrupted”, was recorded in 1970 and released in 1992 on New Alliance Records and has since become a favorite for cult psych-rock fans.

Bio for Matt Weston:

A native of Chicago, and currently residing in upstate New York, Weston has collaborated with: Arthur Brooks, Bill Dixon, Kevin Drumm, Paul Flaherty, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Mary Halvorson, Le Quan Ninh, Bob Marsh, Ben Miller, Roger Miller, Jim O’Rourke, William Parker, Ken Vandermark, Jack Wright, and many others. He has performed at venues as varied as the 3000-seat Riviera Theater in Chicago, the School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam, the Vision Festival in New York, and a defunct record-plating facility in Nashville. He is a member of Barn Owl with Chris Cooper (Fat Worm Of Error) and Andy Crespo; and Thrillpillow with Plum Crane and Maggie Nowinski.

- Holland's Vital Weekly called Matt Weston "a true innovator."
- Feminist Review called Weston's album "not to be taken away" "visceral and staggering."
- "not to be taken away" was described by Foxy Digitalis as "getting under one's skin and scraping at bone and sinew, making the listener wince in pain."
- The Italian webzine Kathodik called Weston "one of the more important talents you can find in the world today."



Igor Mihovilović started to experiment with the tapes and various types of experimental/ noise in 1998. 1.1.2001. he starts project Karmakumulator.

His interest in a DIY underground scene was already evident and some collaborations and contacts were existing. During next few years live actions in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Novi Sad and Split were performed. Also, split tapes and cdr's with Industria Masoquista (Ecuador), Armenia (Ecuador), Napalmed (Czech Republic), Hermit (Canada), Antenna 59 (Italy), Praying For Oblivion (USA), Mourmansk 150 (France), Aldebaran (Croatia), Phroq (Switzerland), Dada Jihad (Croatia), Razorblade Jr. (Netherlands), Gruuthaagy (Croatia), Lasse Marhaug (Norway), Guignol Dangereux (Italy), Tote Stadt (USA), Crvi (Croatia), Gihtshasie (Croatia) were released on different Croatian, Ecuadorian, and Swiss based labels.

In 2004, after concert in Cakovec, Croatia and release of first solo album «Please don't let me see these images again» on Ecuadorian label Rape Art Prods, project slowed down and for the next 2 years no recordings were made due to other activities and interests.

In summer of 2006, new materials were recorded and after kind proporsal from UK label Industrial Culture Records split with UK based project Insane Asylum was launched. After that, there was first concert in Split with 3 persons lineup. Next was webrelease for croatian label Gentlejunk containing live material recorded in Cakovec, Croatia in 2004. Split tape with croatian Powerset Axiom was recorded in summer of 2007 and released on croatian NIR/Circumanalis Records labels. Live collaboration act in Labin, Croatia with Powerset Axiom was performed in october 2007 on EEII Fest. Also, covers of Gerogerigegege and Nirvana were recorded for 2 american compilations very soon afterwards. At the end of 2007 material for split cd with Ov Korpse (USA) was recorded and after that collaboration with croatian Gentlejunk Co. for Hikikomori Records 3'' release from Denmark. Project is currently recording cover of ex-yugoslavian synth/pop artist Oliver Mandic.


Kruno Jošt is one of the founders of organization ‘UKE’ in Križevci (Urban Culture and Education) that focuses on new media culture, international collaboration and exchange in Free and Open Culture.

He is one of the organizers on projects: ‘Urban Interventions ‘03’, and organizer of Experimental Electronic Interventions ‘04, ‘05 and ‘06, MMKamp ‘06 and MMKamp ‘07 (Multimedia camp).

He is acting through GenteJunk collective with experimental and improvisational sounds and visualization (VJing), pirate FM radio, urban interventions, social hacking, de-constructing, sychronicity research, detournement techniques and culture jamming.

In 2006. he collaborates at ‘Impromondays’, an improvised open music sessions at ‘Silence Reservoir’ club in Zagreb.

As one of the founders and editors of magazine ‘04 - Megazine for Reality Hacking’ , and one of the founders of Internet radio network ‘Free Radio: Stanica MIR’ (FRSM) he is active in independent media since 2003.

At the moment Kruno is researching Free Open Culture in Brasil that will help permanent culture exchange between Croatia and Brasil.

LUMINOUS After working with local bands and musicians, Tim decided to go it alone in the late nineties. Working on solo singer/songwriter music under his own name and adopting the Luminous moniker for his electronic/experimental output soon afterwards.

1998 saw the release of the self financed 'CD EP' - a solo four-song promo CD-R for the radio and press. The debut Luminous release in 1999, was the inclusion of 'It's Bass, Jim, But Not As We Know It', on the highly acclaimed '...Eclipse Of The Moon And Falling Star' compilation album on Fi Sci Records.

The official debut solo release was the 7" single 'Here Comes Down', on the well respected French label Plastic Pancake in 2000. Until 2003, Tim released music on various cassette and CD-R labels, including Bliss and Best Kept Secret. 2004 saw the release of the double A side download Luminous single 'Pull A Chain In Tune/Deevy', on the well known Oxford label Shifty Disco. The debut solo album 'Chrome Plated On Nickel Silver', was released on CD in Autumn 2005 on Tim's own label Tara Records. In early 2006, a new Luminous track 'Rub', was released as part of 'Paranoise One - Songs For A Paranoid Society', on the German label Paranoise. An ongoing series of themed Luminous download only EPs which began in 2006, is also available from archive.org. Early 2007 saw the release of the download Luminous album 'Against The Law - Volume I', on the Moscow based label Clinical Archives. Soon afterwards, the same label released the infamous Luminous track 'You Know What I Want', as part of their 'Clinical Sounds - Vol. 1' download compilation album. Canadian label The Beautiful Music, included Tim's cover of 'Stop And Smell The Roses', on 'I Would Write A Thousand Words' - the second of their tribute albums to The Television Personalities, in spring 2007. The second solo album 'Slo-Mo Baby Doll', was released in summer 2007 on the Cornish label Golden Pathway.

Tim continues to work with other musicians on and off and also does the odd remix here and there. 'Odd', often being the operative word. Recent releases include two digital Luminous albums. 'Eve Was Weak' and 'Again Again' are available from Tara Records via iTunes and most major digital distributors. Swedish net label 23 seconds released 'The Watercolour Lane EP' in late 2007 and 'The '80's Girls EP' in spring 2008. Early 2008 saw the first Luminous album to make it onto CD. Links is available on Tara Records. Clinical Archives released two more Luminous albums in summer 2008. The Black Line is the most extreme material to date, while The Themed EPs Compendium gathers together all the EPs that were released via timchaplin.com and archive.org. Two further solo albums, For Real In The Real World and The September Sessions were released on Tara Records via iTunes in July 2008. The most recent project is Factory Kids, Tim's partnership with Christina Marie. Several releases are planned for the future...


Brief bio of the Beak:

Order of the Beak began as the brainchild of Jeremy Crawford in the early 90's. Based in Gainesville, Florida, Order of the Beak was known for its wild and outrageous stageshows and equally bizarre music. In 1993 responding to an ad in a local record store Jeremy found Ian Lambert, a recent transplant fron beneath the ugly underbelly of the Mouse, West Palm Beach, Florida. Together they set out to make music as they saw fit. The results are what you hear. They also decided perfrmances would stimulate all senses. Order of the Beak was briefly signed to Martin Atkins' Invisible Records in 1995 and released one song (although altered and renamed by the label) on the Route SixSixSix compilation. After a disagreement with the label over touring requirements, Order of the Beak and Invisible Records decided to part ways. After few years working together Jeremy and Ian parted ways around 1997 to pursue other ventures.

Definition of the Beak:

Pecking order is a system of organization discovered by Thorleif Schjelderup-Ebbe in the early twentieth century. In this system, a bird pecks another bird who is of lower rank, and submits to pecking from a bird of higher rank. It is a basic concept in social hierarchy that has its counterpart in other animal species as well, including humans. Among mammals and other animals, the term "dominance hierarchy" is used. Still, the term "pecking order" is often used synonymously as well, because the "pecking order" was the first studied example of the social hierarchy among animals. Order of the beak.


Songs for upcomming EP are made on free trips to local club for mental challenged and as for band, it never existed it's more like happening... Hyperactive Orchestra is no more, but one man project and it will continue as such.

Hyperactive Orchestra is currently working on music for a EP which will be released on HIKIKOMORI RECORDS in a near future.

On the first release - EP - can be expected... sound growing inside their personal notes... pressed and done by most of unskillfull artmental cases... provided space & different instruments as means of masscommunication...